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A Word From Ginger Snap

The essence of Ginger Snap is to create amazing local & seasonal food that tastes and looks spectacular with a flawless front of house to deliver it to you. Whether it’s an evening do or your special day, we bring our A-game, pulling together all our local knowledge to provide you with both event management and great food to create bespoke and exciting experiences for you and your guests. We use our extensive experience, and ties with local suppliers, to create unique, faultless and unforgettable events which work for you.

Our top-notch chefs are constantly experimenting with traditional flavours and ingredients, allowing them to push the boundaries of traditional British cuisine to create, not only, delicious and seasonal, but exciting handmade food which reflects the beauty and versatility found in the Scottish landscape.

We love working at Colstoun & LOVE being able to use some of their produce they grow themselves – popping into the garden to pick the herbs just before service so they are the freshest possible for your perfect wedding breakfast – we use them in the drinks too!!

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