Our House, Your Home

Welcome to Colstoun House - Scotland’s oldest family home. In 2010 we opened our doors to the public for the first time in 900 years as an exclusive use events and wedding venue. Since then we’ve used the house and grounds to create a truly unique experience.


We follow a simple motto when it comes to any experience at colstoun “Our house, Your home”. We strive to make you feel relaxed and at home. This motto is at the core of every event at Colstoun and we feel it is why we won the 2018 Scottish Rural Award for Hospitality.


Colstoun is also the Ancestral Home of the Broun Family.  If you are a Broun or Brown and what to arrange a visit please contact us via the Contact Page


If you would like any more information about Colstoun please email us here.

About Colstoun