The House

Our House, Your Home

Colstoun House has grown and shrunk in size dramatically over time which accounts for a number of unusual and special features which create a sense of intimacy not replicated in any other country house. Currently Colstoun House has 10 guest bedrooms providing accommodation for up to 20 adults. Every bedroom has a unique name and decor meaning you can choose your guests bedrooms based on their personality or an element in the room you feel they would enjoy.


Colstoun has a formal dining room that can host meals for up to 36 people, in the past we have even held intimate wedding receptions in this room. We have a stunning Drawing Room that can hold upto 100 people for wedding ceremonies or 50 guests for truly exceptional meals. Our library has a truly special feeling, surrounded by dark wood bookcases and the smell of leather bound books with a fire roaring in the middle of winter is an experience you’ll remember for life.


Despite all the formality and grand rooms, Colstoun absolutely remains a home. We want guests to feel comfortable in our extremely unique venue, living by our unofficial motto “Our House, Your Home”.


Over 900 years of history in one Family Home

Colstoun House is arguably the oldest house in Scotland. Colstoun is the Oldest House to have always been inhabited by the same family. Colstoun has over 900 years of history and legend that contribute to the truly special atmosphere.


Since the day it was built The Brouns of Colstoun have lived and worked on the 2000 acre estate 30 minutes south-east of Edinburgh. The house has grown and shrunk many times throughout the century. Set in 2000 acres of arable farm and woodland Colstoun has a unique privacy unafforded to others. Despite being a stately home hidden away in ancient woodland Colstoun House remains a relaxed atmosphere, truly a home from home.


As you walk around Colstoun House you’ll notice pears in almost every room. Colstoun houses a legendary Pear that is nearly as old as Colstoun itself. The Brouns were given the Pear by Hugo de Giffard who was reputed to be a wizard. We have embraced the legend of the pear wholeheartedly and if you attend a party at Colstoun, chances are you’ll eat a dish that includes some element of the fruit.

The Garden & Grounds

A traditional working garden with a modern feel

Colstoun gardens are the subject of a long-term restoration & redevelopment plan. The house is surrounded by 100 acres of Parkland which are some of the most beautiful parkland grounds in Scotland. Colstoun Walled Garden plays host to Britain’s most unique event venue “The Polytunnel” and also serves as the Kitchen Garden for the mansion house, cookery school and wedding venue.


Colstoun Walled Garden is well in to phase three of five, now providing an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables and providing a beautiful setting for weddings and unique events.


Based on victorian cruciform design we have built a large number of raised beds which are now home to all sorts of fruit and vegetables, everything from Apple Trees, Lavender, and Sweet Peas through to Goji Berries and Jerusalem Artichokes. We are now at the stage where we are able to provide a range of seasonal veg to local people and our good friends the catering company Appetite Direct.

We are committed to creating the most beautiful parkland in Scotland. Colstoun benefits from its peaceful surroundings and ancient woodland, natural geography that all help to create a stunning backdrop for the house. We are continually investing time in to improving the already visually stunning surroundings by building new points of interest and wedding locations as well as improving the quality of our lawns and trees for the pleasure of our guests.