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Colstoun Arts

2022 saw the inception of 'Colstoun Arts' starting with a residency programme when British Landscape Artist Joe Grieve spent a month painting 'en plein air' through the Scottish autumn. The idea began to create a residency programme that encouraged young and established artists to live at Colstoun for a period and let their surroundings inspire them. Please note that a team selects artists for the residency rather than a traditional "application process".

Colstoun Arts has evolved out of our residency programme to include multiple exhibitions throughout the year. 2024 marks our first exhibition, 'The Other Side', which sees the arts programme go full circle, inviting Joe Grieve back again to show his work and how his practice has developed since the inception of the residency programme.

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Joe Grieve 'The Other Side' A collection of paintings which explore humanities impact on nature and its subsequent fragmentation

Open Friday-Sunday 10am-3pm or by appointment


Upcoming Exhibition

This august we welcome the 9 artists that have taken part of the residency since the end of 2022 join us at Colstoun for an exhibition of their work.


Each year, Colstoun invites 6-8 artists to spend a month or more at Colstoun to produce a cohesive body of work inspired by the house and grounds. We work with the artist to provide learning and development, introduce them to industry experts, and provide them with guidance. Every 12 months, Colstoun will show selected works produced by the artists at an Exhibition.

Artists include Raffael Bader, James Dearlove, Lara Cobden, Suhayla H, Marina Renee Cemmick, Joe Grieve, James Mortimer, Angelique Nagovskaya, Jen Hitchings

This programme develops the careers of a handful of artists each year in a meaningful way, it also provides an opportunity for established artists to take a break from their established practice. It is hoped that over time the alumni of this programme will begin to help one another and provide meaningful contributions to the British Art Scene.

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