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August Exhibition 'RESIDENT I'

This August 2nd we welcome you to the launch of 'RESIDENT I' an exciting exhibition of works created by the 9 resident artists that have made Colstoun their home since October 2022. We will present their work within our home Colstoun House for a two week period from August 2nd (launch event 5-8pm) - August 11th. Residency artists works will be shown alongside historical works from the Colstoun Estate Collection.

due to a technical glitch our booking system takes you to a calendar not the exact event. If you would like to join us for our launch event please click book now and find August 2nd in the calendar or email via .

RESIDENT I will consist of works from Raffael Bader, James Dearlove, Lara Cobden, Suhayla H, Marina Renee Cemmick, Joe Grieve, Angelique Nagovskaya & Jen Hitchings. introductions to the individual artists featured in this exhibition are below.

Annually Colstoun Arts invites 6-8 artists to spend a month or more at our home in Scotland producing a cohesive body of work inspired by the house and grounds. the variety of work created by our selected artists and the impact the seasons have played on their work is astonishing.

Colstoun Arts works with the artist to provide learning and development, introduce them to industry experts, and provide them with guidance. The Colstoun Experience goes well beyond the traditional residency, we welcome our artists to become part of our family, experiencing the highs and lows of normal life alongside us whilst also providing a dedicated secluded environment with top class studio facilities to push the boundaries of their practice. The exhibition merely serves as a conclusion on an experience we hope will stick with artists for the rest of their lives.

This programme develops the careers of a handful of artists each year in a meaningful way, it also provides an opportunity for established artists to take a break from their practice. It is hoped that over time the alumni of this programme will begin to help one another and provide meaningful contributions to Landscape, Nature Inspired and British Art.

The residency programme is very relaxed and follows no strict format meaning that the approaches to time spent at Colstoun have been varied. Artists like Lara Cobden have created countless studies leading to an entire collection of work based around the Colstoun landscape at night, whereas artists like Marina Renee Cemmick and Angelique Nagovskaya have spent time understanding themselves and exploring technical aspects of their practice much more.

Raffael Bader

Leipzig based visual artist, Raffael Bader, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig, Germany in 2019. He grew up in the south of Germany, lived in the north for a while until it brought him to the east. The change of location, which is also reflected in his longer stays abroad (Australia, Asia and Latin America, among others), has a decisive influence on his work. Bader’s paintings deal with his view of a world full of tensions, while these tensions hold our world together. In 2020 he received the Denkzeit grant from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and in 2021 the work scholarship from Stiftung Kunstfond Bonn. In 2020 he began exhibiting internationally, including in Switzerland and the USA. Bader has exhibitied in Germany, Switzerland & the UK in over 20 group shows in past 5 years with galleries and institutes inc. MDBK, ZFK, Art City Works & Blue Shop Cottage, alongside 5 solo shows in Germany and the US with galleries inc. Galerie Potemka & Rocket Science. 




raffael bader in studio with one of his paintings

James Dearlove

Jen Hitchings

Lara Cobden

Suhayla Hamid

Marina Renee Cemmick

Angelique Nagovskaya

Joe Bennell Grieve

We will be introducing artists in more depth as we get closer to the event as well other events that we will be hosting during the 2 week exhibition. for a catalogue please contact us directly and we will add you to our mailing list.


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