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Colstoun Corporate Events

Colstoun is a private home located just outside Edinburgh. We are situated in the heart of East Lothian just 45 minutes from Edinburgh airport. We opened our doors for a selected number of events each year in 2010 and we have been creating exciting bespoke events for clients ever since.

Colstoun House Dining Room - Corporate Event Dining Experience.
Table Decoration for a corpoate Team Building Event


Corporate Events at Colstoun are unlike anything you’ll have experienced before (especially in the corporate world). We are still a family home and as such you get all the perks of privacy and a relaxed environment but still with a great level of service and professionalism. Being situated in the middle of the countryside you feel as though you are having an off-grid experience even if we do have the same internet speeds as central London using our satellite suppliers Lothian Broadband.

Our meeting rooms can be as relaxed or as intense as you like and we’ve found in the past that people enjoy the contrast of a very intense strategy meeting followed by relaxation in one of our many reception rooms. The privacy that Colstoun House provides was highlighted to us by a company who ran a 3-day strategy meeting, on the morning they left the leader of the retreat approached us and said how thankful they were that the entire of Colstoun was theirs for the 3 days, as the meeting they’d had 3 months earlier had taken place in a large hotel and their meeting wrong was right next to that of a competitor.

Colstoun House, Exclusive Corporate Event Location Near Edinburgh
Colstoun House


Honestly we aren’t set up like a hotel or conference centre and it is 100% the way we want it. You’ll get to know the whole family during the time you organise your event and you’ll feel at home when you are here. We are a bit quirky and eccentric and we find that it energises teams and fosters a creative and productive atmosphere. Our meeting rooms seat up to 12 people and up to 40 people respectively, but if you don’t want the formality of sitting at a table you can have a meeting in the library on our comfy sofas for up to 10 people. We offer activities for corporate responsibility including understanding sustainable business practices, planting trees and vegetables and plants and when you’ve finished your work for the day you can take advantage of the fact that we are set in the middle of 2000 acres.

Colstoun Coach House - Corporate Events Location for up to 150 Guests
The Coach House At Colstoun

We have 23 bedrooms meaning we can sleep up to 46 in twin or double rooms. Whilst you are at Colstoun it is entirely yours, we have an exclusive use policy meaning that from the moment you enter the gates to the moment you leave you are the only guests we have on site. In the main house, we have 9 bedrooms and 2 formal meeting rooms, one for up to 12 people and one for up to 40 people. We also have our “event space” which can cater for events for up to 150 guests. We have our own in house catering options but work with a number of Edinburgh based catering companies if we can’t create the experience you are looking for with our dining options.

Something which is very true of Colstoun is that we do things in our own time, we don’t have 150 corporate events per year and we never will, we want every event to feel special and unique, although we are incredibly professional and provide award winning hospitality we are focused on making you feel as though you are at home. We are very aware of the fact that a corporate event or team retreat here is unlike something you’ll experience at an Edinburgh Hotel and that is something we have strived to achieve. You will definitely feel as though your experience at Colstoun will be beneficial not only to your company but also to your employees.

Colstoun Estate - Corporate Events Centre East Lothian, Scotland
Colstoun Estate

If you’d like any more information regarding corporate events at Colstoun Please do not hesitate to give us a call on (+44) 01620822922 or email

Logo for the Colstoun Estate - Scottish Corporate Events Centre
Colstoun Estate Logo


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