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Weddings at Colstoun

With St Valentine’s Day coming up this week, we thought it’s the perfect time to update you all on developments surrounding all things love at Colstoun.

Things never stop here, and this is the way we like it, almost a year ago to the day The Coach House wasn’t even completed, now it seems like such a fundamental part of what Colstoun is. If you come for a course in the cookery school you will have your lunch in it, when you get married here you’ll probably have your reception in it, when you drive in to Colstoun it’s the first thing you see once you come through the gates.

In 2015 when we decided to go ahead with this venture we had hoped to get around 8 weddings in our first full year of operations. 2017’s first wedding is less than 8 weeks away, we can very confidently say we have exceeded all our expectations and are overwhelmed with the number of weddings we have confirmed and we only have a tiny number of weekends left this year.

The Coach House at Colstoun set up for a wedding

We had expected almost all the weddings to be locals to Edinburgh, Lothian’s & The Borders but we have couples coming from around the world to Colstoun this year to be married, Hong Kong, London, America, India & Australia are all represented in weddings at Colstoun in 2017, we had honestly never anticipated being a ‘destination wedding venue’ but seemingly this is what we are fast becoming!

Cheers! wedding celebration in The Coach House - photo by Anna Urban

Anyone who is having a wedding with us knows that we would rather have a small number of unique weddings than a large number of weddings that are the same. Numbers aren’t the only driver for us, and as such we aren’t content with only a few options for indoor spaces, we want to provide options for Brides & Grooms (and other events) like no other in Scotland.

Colstoun Walled Garden

Just as The Coach House is a fundamental part of the Colstoun experience so is the Garden, We want to provide choices and flexibility and in Scotland part of that involves wet weather contingencies. We considered a number of options including extending our glasshouses, building an orangery and a free standing brick building, but nothing really fit with the vision that we have for the garden, except for a poly tunnel.

You are probably thinking a poly tunnel? We agree it is a bit of a strange place to get married, but we really want to provide something unique to our brides and grooms, but after discussing all the options we believe it provides the perfect cover in case of bad weather, and also provides something special that you won’t get anywhere else.

Polythene provides lovely soft natural light (a photographers dream) and most of all it’s a huge indoor space that enables couples to put their unique mark on Colstoun! We now have the ability to seat 150 people, with a bar in a space that isn’t The Coach House. We will be keeping you up to date over the next couple of months whilst we build and perfect our vision.

In the meantime, if you would like any more information on having your wedding or event at Colstoun please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by telephone.

Twitter: @colstoun

phone 01620 822 922

Photographs by Mackie S-P & Anna Urban

Anna Urban:

Insta: @aniaurban

Mackie S-P:

insta: Mackiesp

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