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Jenny Bird Makeup

Jenny Roberts (aka Jenny Bird) is a super-talented hair & makeup artist who has worked in the industry for over a decade, She has recently moved back to the UK from Australia and is now available for weddings in the East Lothian and Edinburgh area (and definitely at Colstoun). In that time, she's worked worldwide doing commercial clients in film & tv and the fashion world. Don't worry; Jenny doesn't just work with film stars and models... Jenny has also built a wealth of experience doing hair and makeup for brides on their big day!

Her industry success has been due to her attention to detail and ability to bring creative concepts to life, she has experience with all sorts of skin tones and complections. No matter how subtle or bold you want to be for your big day, she will take the time to listen to you and your needs and work out the best way to bring your vision to life... given her experience in film and tv, if you want to be a zombie she could even do that for you!

Now it is time to be honest. I've known Jenny for a long time, so I am happy to share her on our website, socials and via email with our brides. I know her personality; hands down, she is one of the nicest people I know. Why does that matter to you? In our experience, a bride's MU artist is probably (after the wedding dress) the most important supplier for a wedding. A good working relationship with your hair and makeup and a clear plan can be the difference between feeling comfortable and like the bride you want to be and not.

Your makeup can make a difference between feeling like a million pounds and slightly self-conscious. Because of Jenny's character, she pays attention to what you want, and her clear and empathetic communication will ensure that you are both on the same page. She's honest and upfront enough to say she doesn't understand or isn't quite sure rather than steaming ahead without listening!

How to contact Jenny:

W: here

I: here

Alternatively you can always ask us to make an introduction


Samples from Jenny:

a non bridal example of Jenny's work

makeup for bride and friends at a wedding

makeup for another Australian wedding

Jenny applying makeup on a bride in Australia


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