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Top 10 Wedding Photos of 2018

The end of November is my favourite time of year. I get to look back at photos from all the weddings at Colstoun and choose 10 photos that I think are AWESOME. Compared with last year I’ve had a lot more photos to look at and a lot more photographers to choose from. Just like the videographer blog from this year I’ve tried to choose range of styles, price points and not just the photographers I would like for my own wedding. We are so blessed at Colstoun to be surrounded by amazing landscaping and so many wonderful trees. This year I’ve chosen photos that place an emphasis on being outside and photos that incorporate some element of nature. Without any further from myself I’d like to present my Top 10 Colstoun Wedding Photos of 2018. (If you think that I’ve missed any great shots from this year put a link or post the photo in on the blog Facebook post).

10) Eilidh Sutherland Photography - David & Becca Under The Big Tree

Black & White Photo of Tree with Bride and Groom Standing underneath

Why We Like This Photo?

I absolutely love this tree and it was my favourite thing about Colstoun growing up. We are blessed in East Lothian to have pretty good weather in comparison with the rest of Scotland and we absolutely love it when coupes take advantage of the good weather and head outside for their photos. I am a real sucker for black and white photos and I love how your eye is immediately drawn to the white of the sporran and dress which contrasts beautifully with the massive black and grey tree. Although this photo isn't necessarily indicative of the rest of Eilidh Sutherland Photography work (which I really like) this photo stands out to me as one of my favourites of the entire 2018 wedding season.


9) Jo Donaldson Photography - Alice & Keith in The Library

Scottish Wedding Scene at Colstoun House in Library

Why We Like This Photo?

I really like this photo, it is unique and really intimate. It reminds me of one thing, a Caravaggio painting, I am a BIG lover of Caravaggio so I definitely had to include this photo in the top 10. Alice & Keith are illuminated but the rest of the scene is in darkness, it draws your eye straight in to this lovely intimate moment. Weddings can often be a big loud place full of people (obviously, all the people you love) but it is important to make at least some time in your big day for just the two of you. this photo is a perfect example of doing just that.


8) Photography 78 - Amy & Kerr on The Bridge

Autumnal Scottish Wedding Scene on Bridge in front of Castle

Why We Like This Photo?

I really love this photo because it has lovely warm autumnal tones that contrast well with the white of Amy's dress and the pink of the house. When I take couples around Colstoun they often stop at the bridge and talk about having wedding photos standing on it. time and time again I see beautiful photos of couples standing on this bridge but this photo really stood out to me. In a scene, full of really big objects like the house and ancient trees it is really beautiful to see a truly intimate moment. You can almost feel the tranquillity of the water passing by and the autumnal leaves falling on the ground.


7) Anna Urban Wedding Photography - Mary-Clare & Richard on The West Lawn

Romantic Scottish Wedding Scene of Bride and Groom watching the sunset

Why We Like This Photo?

Anna Urban shot the very first wedding in The Colstoun Coach House, and she has returned numerous times since. Anna doesn't rest on her laurel's; she continues to take unique and special photos that are particular to every couple that books her. This photo like all of Anna's are flooded with natural light and golden tones. The simplicity of this photo is also one of my favourite aspects. This was one of the first moments Mary-Clare & Richard away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding party since being married and you can it perfectly captures a loving and tender moment of watching their very first sunset as a married couple.


6) Christine McNally - EL in the Drawing Room

Bride Standing in front of portraits in front of Scottish Castle

Why We Like This Photo?

Christine McNally has come to photograph weddings at Colstoun a number of times already so she knows the place inside out, she also got married here herself so she can think how a Colstoun Bride does. It is special for us and for her every time she comes back. She took so many beautiful photos this year but this one stood out for me. Firstly, the drawing room is my favourite room in Colstoun, the pale blue of the wall paper, the beautiful paintings and the lovely cornice make it a particularly special room. Secondly, there isn't anything too over the top in the photograph so you pay attention to what really matters... EL, her dress and her flowers. Thirdly the light, one of the reasons I love this room more than any other is the light and this photo captures the drawing room light better than most.


5) Carly Buick Photography – Jen And Frasers, The First Dance

Black and White Photo of First Wedding Dance for Scottish Couple

Why We Like This Photo?

As I have said 100 times... when it comes to photography... timing is everything. This absolutely stunning moment from Jen & Fraser's First Dance was caught by Carly Buick Photography. Confetti falling, people cheering, smiles on absolutely everyone's face. this is a really beautiful moment and something that Jen & Fraser will cherish forever.


4) Ricky Baillie Photography - "The Car Shot" Sara & Cameron

Cinematic Scottish Wedding Photograph in front of car in East Lothian

Why We Like This Photo?

It is different. Ricky Baillie has a really contrasty unique style with super deep blacks and lovely golden tones. Ricky creates some really cool artistic images and I love the way the old of the walled garden and a brand-new sports car come together in this photo during the golden hour. Beyond that the photo is really fun and not something I've seen before with a wedding photo.


3) Jen Owens Images - Sus & Chris, In the Walled Garden

Bride and Groom kissing in Garden at Beautiful Scottish Wedding Venue

Why We Like This Photo?

From the almost cinematic styling of Ricky Baillie's shot to the simplicity of Jen Ownens. The walled garden is my favourite part of Colstoun and Jen captured it perfectly in her shot of Chris & Sus. The lush green tones of the goji berry plants backed by the soft fruit trees really contrasts well with the orange of the wall. The time of year this photo was shot is very difficult to take nice nature shots because everything is just so green! You've got limited flowers and all of the green tones start to become one lush green block. Jen has captured perfectly the romance of the day and I think it is a really stunning wedding photo. In the rush and excitement of your wedding day it’s nice to have these moments where it is you and your now husband/wife in a loving and natural embrace captured professionally to remember forever.


2) Jasmine Skye - Sophie & Graeme, In The Grounds

beautiful couple kissing at wedding in Scotland

Why We Like This Photo?

Now days it is really popular for wedding photographs to take dark atmospheric shots, I really like Jasmine Skye Photography because it goes against this and provides something really different and unique. She floods her photos with light and colour and this photo of Sophie & Graeme is no exception. The blurred background mean that you focus on what is really important. I also love the fact that Sophie & Graeme are clearly super happy in this shot, big smiles and a loving embrace. I love the fact that the veil is in the photograph it is something you don’t see so much of these days so when a bride wears one it is great to see it shown off in the photographs. It is a simple photograph but one that really stood out for me this year.


1) Fraser Cameron Photography - Mel & Richard, The Wild Meadow

Scottish Couple Embracing in a wild meadow at Colstoun House Scottish Wedding Venue

Why We Like This Photo?

Photography is a combination of a number of things. Luck is definitely one of them. That isn't to say that it requires no skill to be a great photographer, but it definitely helps to have perfect timing. This year one of the fields on the farm that is closest to the house exploded with wild flowers and especially poppies. The meadow gave the perfect scene for a loving wedding photo. I could imagine this on the front cover of absolutely any wedding magazine around the world and it wouldn't look out of place. The most beautiful part of this photo is that it will never happen again, the field will return to crop next year and probably be full of wheat around the same time.


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