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Engagement Season

It is amazing to think that the middle of January is arguably the busiest time for the wedding industry. We are right in the middle of what is known as “engagement season” where between November and February nearly half of all engagements happen. More amazing is that nearly 1 in 5 proposals happen on just ten days each year including Christmas Day and New Years Eve. We are just about 20 days away from our first wedding of the year and then we are in to the heart of it all once again. but between now and then it is our busiest time for wedding enquiries. Our website numbers double every day for a week and whilst some people are out running off the Christmas pudding with their new year's resolutions others are already hard at work planning their dream wedding.

Colstoun - Barn and Castle Scottish Wedding Venue Edinburgh & East Lothian
Colstoun House, Coach House & Walled Garden

Around the UK most couples are only engaged for a year before their marriage. A combination of factors including demand for our rustic barn 'The Coach House', the fact that East Lothian and Edinburgh are highly sought after wedding locations means we find that Colstoun couples are normally engaged for around 2 years before their wedding. If you are interested in a less popular date you might be able find space available within a year.

Wedding Couple at Colstoun East Lothian Scotland
Colstoun Wedding Poly Tunnel Photo from Solen Photography

Just like the popularity of certain dates for proposing, there are popular days for the big day itself. Half of all weddings fall on just 25 dates throughout the year and three quarters of all weddings happen during Summer and Autumn. Popularity in autumnal weddings has meant that if you want to book a September, October or November weekend you may well need to book up to 2.5 years in advance at some venues depending on if they are exclusive use or not.

Scottish Wedding Couple on Lawn in East Lothian
Photo from Christine McNally

It isn’t just Wedding venues that book up early it is other suppliers like florists and photographers that can book up months if not years in advance. I’ve included links to some of our favorite photographers and florists above. Everyone linked above has worked at Colstoun many times.

Beautiful Wedding Couple Standing on Bridge Edinburgh Scotland
Photo from Photo78

We have availability for wedding tours throughout January and if you are interested in organising a tour or just want some more information about weddings at Colstoun please email us on

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