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Polly & Bella | Photo Shoot

woman wearing long green dress in Colstoun Library

We were approached in Winter to be the set of a photo shoot for the amazing brand of wedding accessories Polly & Bella. These two designers are renowned for the quality of their products Polly & Bella have accumulated over 35 years of experience in the business they love picking awards including Wedding Industry Expert Awards Best Accessories in Scotland.

bride standing on west lawn with boquet and large crystal headpiece

Above: A Bride Shows off an Elegant Polly & Bella Headpiece whilst on The West Lawn at Colstoun House

Bride Holding boquet on the west lawn, next to a sun dial wearing beautiful headpiece

Above: Another beautiful headpiece by Polly & Bella which perfectly compliments the incredibly elegant dress

Below: This bride is in The Glass House in The Walled Garden, always a firm favourite for photographers.

Bridesmaid holding Boquet wearing a long dress with headpiece in glasshouse

Below: A Bride in Black & White Standing outside the double doors of The Coal Bunker

Black & White Photo of Bridge in White Dress holding Boquet

Bride Standing outside The Coach House @ Colstoun wearing white dress holding Boquet of flowers

Above: A Bride Stood outside The Coach House at Colstoun.

Bridesmaid in the colstoun library, weather a green dress with crystal headpiece

The high quality of the Headpieces was complimented by the other suppliers for the day including wedding dresses from The Bridal Garden bridesmaids dresses from Melle Cloche, flowers from the incredible Oor Fleurs and Hair & Make-Up by the AMM Team, and last but not least modelling by Elaine Ford, Deone Robertson & Rachel Sims

A Beautiful Boquet of Flowers from Oor Fleu

A big thanks has to go to Luminate PR who orchestrated the entire day, managing to organise all of the suppliers and pretty nice weather for the end of winter! If you'd like any more information on any of the suppliers involved in the shoot I have included links to all of them below.

Headpieces: Polly & Bella | web | FB

Photography: Ivory Pictures | web | Insta

Dresses: The Bridal Garden, Glasgow | web | Insta | FB

Bridesmaids: Melle Cloche | web | Insta | FB

Flowers: Oor Fleurs | web | Insta | FB

Models: Elaine Ford, Deone Robertson & Rachel Sims

Hair & Make-Up: AMM Team | web | Insta | FB

Location: Colstoun

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