Top 10 Wedding Photos of 2017

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of The Coach House's very first season as a wedding venue!

We've been absolutely blown away by our popularity, but more importantly the incredible memories and weekends that have been created here. Week after week we've witnessed incredible weddings and memories being created in our little patch of East Lothian. We really wanted to share with everyone the amazing moments that we've been so privileged to witness and that these beautiful couples will remember forever. I've included the links to all the websites, Facebook and Instagram of the photographers featured in our top 10 below every photo.

- 10 -

Photographer: Solen Photography - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? Solen is a master of catching the light and getting beautiful sun flares. Solen has caught a really loving moment between a newly married couple. Taken on the West Lawn at Colstoun which measures about 200m x 100m Solen has still managed to make the photograph seem intimate.

- 9 -

Photographer: MacLaurin Weddings - FB - Website

Why do we like this photo? Although the bridge photo is a regular shot at Colstoun, Maclaurin Weddings has taken a beautiful shot at the right time of year. Autumnal leaves, framing the newly married couple with light just turning golden. Perfect timing and a perfect photo to be treasured forever.

- 8 -

Photographer: Morgan & Rose - FB - Website

Why do we like this photo? This photograph could be seen in any high end wedding magazine around the world. Beautifully exposed, and wonderful soft tones in The Act of the Union Drawing Room at Colstoun.

- 7 -

Photographer: Caro Weiss - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? Couple photos taken in the library isn't a normal occurrence at Colstoun. We had incredibly Scottish weather that day, so the initiative was taken to move the photographs inside, and the result was this beautiful photo. Soft light of the cloudy day outside and the rich and vibrant tones of the library combined with the skill of Caro made one of our favorite photos of 2017.

- 6 -

Photographer: Camera Shy Photography - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? We love Nadine at Sophia Grace Couture, the shop where this dress was purchased. A beautiful dress and a beautiful bride combining to make a stunning photograph, taken from The Coach House looking into the courtyard at Colstoun House.

- 5 -

Photographer: Anna Urban Wedding Photography - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? There were a number of lucky couples who had Anna Urban Wedding Photography shoot their wedding this year. We probably could have chosen 100 photographs just from her that we loved. This photograph is perfectly golden and wonderfully intimate, taken under the trees on the West Lawn with the glass house in the background.

- 4 -

Photographer: John Nassari - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? It is a bit hard not to love this photograph, the absolutely wonderful dress, which is probably the most intricate wedding dress I've ever seen in my life. Perfect lighting, the perfect framing and most of all the cheeky smile. This is truly one of our favorite photos of the 2017 season.

- 3 -

Photographer: Fiona Higgins Photography - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? This photograph is one of the most beautiful shots we've ever seen, we particularly love that it is in The Coach House, but more than that we love the fact that despite having nearly 100 people around the viewers eyes are drawn right in to the beautiful couple. The Coach House can hold 150 people but you wouldn't be surprised if at that moment it felt like they were the only ones in the room.

- 2 -

Photographer: Claire Fleck - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? This photo is so much fun! We've only had Claire shoot one wedding at Colstoun but we would love her to come back for more! Amazing colors and tones, beautifully framed. Interestingly the subject of this photo actually took our number one photo of the year.

- 1 -

Photographer: Christine McNally - FB - Insta - Website

Why do we like this photo? Timing is everything. This photo is the Colstoun number one wedding photo of 2017, and it doesn't even include a bride! Perfect timing and ABSOLUTELY adorable. This was without doubt our number one choice we love Christine's style of photography and we love the raw wonder and amusement of these three happy little girls.

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