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This year at Colstoun things have been incredibly hectic... in the absolute best way possible.

We’ve moved in to top gear when it comes to weddings and cookery courses. The estate is a real hive of family activity and industry. We’ve been busily extending a variety of our offerings. One particular offering we've seen demand explode for is our wedding cakes.

Alison our Cookery School Manager and Head Chef has seen a huge increase in demand for her cakes this year. Not only for Naked Wedding Cakes, but also for smaller sponge cakes, lemon drizzle cakes and a very exciting project for a tower of Cheese Cakes for an upcoming wedding in July of this year. If savoury is more of your thing we've got cheese tower options that we can discuss as well. if you'd like any information about these options please send alison an e-mail at .

We’ve also moved in to the world of wild confetti. Colstoun is a full of beautiful flowers and we have always collected flowers throughout the spring and summer months for our own enjoyment we are now offering Colstoun Confetti for sale. Our confetti is made 100% from flowers so you can be sure there is no environmental impact after you’ve thrown it and celebrated your big day.

We are still working out a number of details about the confetti, not least pricing but if it is something you are interested in you for your wedding or event, you can e-mail and she can keep you up to date with all things confetti over the coming weeks as we sure up all the finer points.

We’ve got a number of HUGE announcements coming over the next few months so keep your eyes open for updates from us. Everything from produce all the way through to developments outside of Colstoun Estate! But more about that very soon.

Thanks for reading,

The Colstoun Team.


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