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Live Streaming Cookery Demonstrations

At the beginning of 2018 we said to everyone online that we would like to start creating more video content for you all. It has taken a couple of months for us to work out exactly how that will take shape but we are pleased to announce from the 26th of June we will be releasing regular cookery demonstrations and other videos.

This will include a live stream of a recipe every two weeks on Facebook & Youtube. As well as regular video content released to Youtube. This is a new adventure for us and will take some time to get things the way we want them so we are looking for everyone to be as supportive and helpful as possible.

As a team we feel it is really important and want the live recipe each week to be decided on social media by the people who are going to be watching it. It is important to us that you all are learning about recipes and styles of cooking that you feel you’ll get benefit from.

As part of this venture we are hoping to get in some guests to talk about cooking and books along the way. As well as hopefully sharing some content about the garden and all things Colstoun but to begin with our primary focus will be on educational videos for cooking.

We will be starting a Patreon Page (if you've never heard of patreon this is a link to the site for more information) for this new venture. Producing video is a really expensive operation and just the same as putting on a course we need to pay for the chefs, film crew and ingredients. Youtube doesn’t give much in the way of advertising revenue in 2018 and for this venture to be sustainable we will need to recoup some of the expenses. In return for your support on Patreon we will be giving away A LOAD of perks and special features.

We are so excited to start this new adventure. This marks the beginning of a REALLY big 12 months for the cookery school, with lots of expansions, changes and surprises planned along the way. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information over the coming months.


The Colstoun Team.


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