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Pop-up Dinner: Collaboration with Left Field Kombucha

The Event:

On Sunday 29th July 2018, we will combine Wild food with raw drinks

For an incredible gastronomical experience. Left Field Kombucha will provide the drinks and Colstoun will provide the food. Pairing together a 4 course meal with Left Field’s four varieties of kombucha (including their award winning Yunnan Black) and a tour around Colstoun Estate. The evening will run from 4.30pm until 9.30pm and will cost £35. We will be talking more about our upcoming collaboration with Left Field Kombucha during our next live stream on 11th July at around 12:30pm. Tickets will be available very soon in the meantime if you'd like to register your interest please send an e-mail to

Our Relationship With Left Field Kombucha:

Our story with Left Field Kombucha starts a couple of years ago. I was at a small Edinburgh food festival and tried my first ever sip of Kombucha. I really loved the product, the idea and how the company presented itself. Even though at that point I had only tried Left Field once, I loved Jo and Geraint’s approach, their branding and product. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with them in some way in the future.

I am now a regular drinker of kombucha and by chance I met Jo from Left Field Kombucha a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the concept of doing a popup event at Colstoun. Traditionally you hear of many courses from meals in restaurants being paired with wines, you’ll occasionally hear of meals being paired with beer… but as yet I’ve never been to a meal that has been paired with Kombucha!

A Bit about Left Field Kombucha:

If you haven’t heard of Left Field Kombucha it is well worth a look at their website They were the first Kombucha Brewery to start in Scotland and they focus on quality flavours and the premium tea used to brew their lovely drink rather than flavourings. Left Field Kombucha was started by the awesome husband and wife combination of Jo ‘The Creative One’ & Geraint ‘The Brewing Scientific One’ (and former beer brewer) and they’ve got 4 brilliant varieties of Kombucha which are: Yunnan Black, Sencha Green, Oolong & Darjeeling. If like me you aren’t a massive tea drinker let Left Field change your mind... I recommend trying all the varieties and working out which flavour you like best!

Where To Try Left Field Kombucha?

If you’ve never tried Kombucha you can head down to The Mart in East Linton who stock all of the Flavours produce by Left Field, you can also buy tickets for the popup there as well. You can also order kombucha directly from Left Field's website (

Additional Info:

The menu for the pop-up will not be revealed until the night, it is a set 4 course tasting menu. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know at least 1 week prior to the event. If Kombucha isn’t your thing we will be offering a selection of wines and beer that will equally complement our delicious four courses.

Contact for Left Field Kombucha:

Colstoun Contact:


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