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Simple Autumn Midweek Supper

This week we delve in to the world of Game Cookery. The reality is that game is probably the most affordable and healthy meat available to eat. A roast phesant is a free-range wild bird that is incredibly lean and tasty for a total of £3 (roughly) compared with a free-range chicken which is in the range of £8 per kilo.

Although at times game can be seen as quite controversial we strongly believe in it, it is healthy and affordable and offers a huge range of dishes that not everyone knows how to cook. The Consumption of game has grown year on year for nearly the last decade and we think that's great, for us it is something very scottish and very traditional and we love to pass on our knowledge about game to the restof the world.

If this Sparks your interest and you'd like to attend one of our Game Cookery Courses please click here our next courses run on the 18th November and the 8th December.

Thanks and See You Next Time,

Mackie, Sandy, Alison & Fiona

Pigeon & Spelt Autumn Salad:

1tbsp rapeseed oil

200g butternut squash

1 garlic clove

1 thyme sprig

2 pigeon breasts

Splash of Red Wine Vinegar

50g ready cooked spelt

1tsp bramble jelly

50g peppery salad leaves

½ red onion

15g toasted hazelnuts

handful of brambles


A big part of what we are trying to do with our live cookery demonstrations is to get people watching and learning through viewing. As such we don't include the method in text form. instead we include the video itself and encourage people to learn by watching.


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