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Updated Blog and GDPR

We are writing today to say that to the best of our knowledge the measures we have put in place regarding data comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations, being introduced across the European Union on the 25th of May. Our privacy policy lets you know more about how we use your personal information and help you understand your rights regarding your personal data.

As always you have the ability to unsubscribe from any mailing or shoutout list that we have or from mailchimp or our website.

When will we share your data?

When you share your information with us, we may have to give specific information to a supplier but we will always ask for your permission regarding this. We will not and have never sold data for marketing purposes.

Know your rights

You have rights regarding your personal data, including being able to see what information is held and having it updated. There is nothing that that you need to do right now as these changes will come into effect automatically. To learn more please feel free to review our

Blog Update:

Now on to the fun stuff, if you are looking for any of our old blog posts but can't find them that is due to our web hosting! they've updated the blog module but unfortunately it is impossible for us to transfer all of our old posts on to this new module (super annoying right) fortunately you can still access our old posts by following this link. we will slowly be transferring all the old posts on to this new blog at which point we will delete the old page.

thanks for your time,



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