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Foraging at Colstoun in 2018

We can’t believe the response we’ve had to our foraging courses for 2018! Foraging was without doubt our most popular course for 2017. We’ve have sold two entire courses for 2018 in the last 5 days meaning that we are running VERY low on spaces. We are sorry in advance if you’ve tried to book on to your desired course and there has been no space and not been able to. If you’d like to book on to one of our foraging courses please e-mail Alison our amazing chief forager and cookery school manager here.

Alison Leading a foraging class

Although places for our advertised courses are pretty much all sold out, we are considering putting on additional courses to meet demand if you’d like to be wait listed for any additional courses Alison can take your information and hopefully schedule you in on another course in your desired season.

Our Seasonal Foraging course will give you a fascinating insight into the best Scottish wild foods of the season. Spend the morning in the woodland & fields learning to find and identify edible plants, seeds, nuts and flowers that grow wild on Colstoun Estate. The course includes a lunch based around wild ingredients which will be prepared by our foraging specialist, Alison. In the afternoon Alison, will guide you through the many ways to transform your foraged finds into something delicious as well as explaining some of the folklore and history of many of the wild plants found on Colstoun.

Colstoun's formal walled garden

If you have taken one of our 3 foraging courses (spring, summer or autumn) and would like more information on one of the other two courses? Alison would be more than happy to help, foraging in each of the seasons provides different challenges and delights and the experience you’ve had at Colstoun in spring with the fresh green sharp flavours is totally different to the rich berries and fruits of autumn.

We are always trying to meet the needs of our clients so if you’ve always wanted to do a certain sort of cooking and think that we could benefit from running a course in that subject please let us know! Our Scandinavian course sold out before we’d even advertised it, we are always willing and excited to provide new and exciting courses as well as keeping our ever-popular course such as Spring Entertaining.

participants in the Colstoun Cookery School

Thank you so much for your interest in Foraging and in Colstoun Cookery School if you’d like any more information then please don’t hesitate to email Alison here or phone us via our main number (+44) 01620 822 922.

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