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Unexpected Wedding Nostalgia: Sophie & Doug's Wedding

It’s no secret that I am a relative newcomer to the events industry. Property development was my first “real” job. Dealing day to day for years with tradespeople, planning officers and engineers meant a certain “robustness” in my work conversations and I was definitely more used to talking about reinforced steel and pouring concrete opposed to bridesmaids dresses and cake decoration.

Now instead of getting excited at work about planning permission and habitation certificates, excitement in the office is more likely to be from being linked to photo albums of weddings at Colstoun.

I recently got an email link with the photos of Sophie and Doug’s wedding from August 2017. It brought back so happy memories of the weekend they shared with us, the laughter and the happiness that resonated throughout the entire time they were at Colstoun, which really caught me off guard and for an early Monday morning made everyone at Colstoun quite emotional.

We are so lucky to be able to share in the happy memories of not only that weekend but so many couples that have chosen or will choose Colstoun to host their big day.

Sophie and Doug chose Daniel Karczag to photograph their wedding, and the results are incredible. You can find Daniel on Facebook here and via Instagram here or via his website here.

Daniel really managed to capture the feeling of the wedding, and the love that Sophie and Doug have for one another. Daniel paid particular attention to the details of the wedding, like the recurring blue theme and the butterflies decorating the cake and naming the tables. Daniel was really discrete as a photographer and blended in with the occasion and has the best quality gear available, all of which contributes to the incredible images he produced.

We are so excited to fully get in to the 2018 season at Colstoun which has even more weddings and events than 2017, something that we couldn’t have imagined just 18 months ago.

For more information on having your wedding or event at Colstoun please send us an e-mail or have a look at our events page here.


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