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Adelaide's Secret Garden

Adelaide Knott started Adelaide’s Secret Garden in 2016. We’ve been lucky enough to have her as florist of choice at Colstoun since the opening of our rustic barn wedding venue The Coach House. Adelaide is a natural and free spirited florist, with a preference for locally sourced flowers and foraged greenery, something that works perfectly with Colstoun.

Adelaide loves working with clients who want something a bit different, clients that are seeking a contemporary and fresh approach to floral design full of color and . We never recommend a supplier unless they are someone that we would work with ourselves. Adelaide is the first name on the list when we recommend a florist, not just because of her technical skills, but also because of her relaxed nature and professionalism.

tall wedding cake decorated with beautiful flowers
Floral Decorations from Adelaide's Secret Garden

Adelaide grows all of her flowers in Scotland or sources them locally from Millpond Flower Farm (links below), meaning as a bride you are guaranteed something unique depending on what season it is and what is available.

Adelaide seeks her inspiration from Scottish forests and all things wild and rustic. Combining the beautiful seasonal colors of summer and autumn and the greens and browns of winter and spring.

Colstoun isn't going to be the wedding venue of choice for everyone, but Adelaide has a gift for turning venues of all shapes and sizes into miraculous places, working with brides and grooms to realise the perfect floral additions to their weddings.





Phone: 07766905848


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