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Autumn Cooking Live Stream - Mashwiya

It was great to have Amanda Farnese Heath from Mad March Hare to cook with us this week. Having just done a really successful popup dinner at Steampunk Coffee in North Berwick we asked her along to Colstoun to demonstrate one of her dishes. Filled to the brim with colour and local ingredients Amanda fused North African cuisine with Scottish (pretty much all from Colstoun) produce. The ingredients are simple and full of flavour. Tomatoes, Chillies and Garlic… all staples of Amanda’s Italian heritage and are the backbone of this simple yet delicious vegetarian dish.


· 1kg End of Summer Tomatoes

· 4 Red Peppers

· 3 Chillies

· Organic Olive Oil

· 4 Fresh Garlic Cloves (centres removed)

· Cumin and Caraway Seeds (Dry Fried Then Ground to powder)

· ½ a teaspoon of Mace

· Coriander and Mozzarella to serve


The Method for this recipe is built in to the video. We are really trying to build engagement and viewership of the videos and as such we’d like you to watch through for the method and give us any feedback you have in the form of a comment. If you like the video we’d love it if you would share it among your friends and on social media.

Live Stream Developments:

As we move in to winter and the concept of our live stream takes shape we will be changing a few things. First, we will be continue to do live stream demonstrationse every two weeks but... they will now take place at 6pm not 12:30 lunch time, we want people to feel as though they can cook along and we also feel that more people will be able to watch if we do it outside work time. Every other week we will be streaming a conversation about cookery... It can and will be about anything from an author who wants to promote a new book... supplier that wants to talk about their product or a general talk about food in Scotland. Facebook has been great for us so far but we are really keen to further the engagement and reach of our program and over the next few weeks we will be working on streaming to both Facebook & Youtube at the same time. We are really excited for the next set of shows that will take us all the way until christmas and we are really keen on developing this in to something huge so we are keen to hear from people on how you all think we can improve our offering.

If you've not viewed them already we've got all the videos and recipes from the first 5 episodes here. Reminiscing about Childhood memories with Traditional Irish Apple & Bramble Cake, Making Jam and Scones in How to make afternoon tea in 30 minutes, Cooking with Teens making Chicken & Lemongrass Pot Noodle, Indian Scottish food fusion Smoked Trout & Wild Garlic Paratha Bread and Episode one Duck Salad.

Thanks again,

Mackie, Sandy & Alison.

Contacts from this weeks show:

Mad March Hare:




Where to buy the ingredients:

The Mart Farm shop East Linton



Phone number: 01620 860010

Website: Coming Soon

Mozzarella came from Yester Farm Dairies: (Also Available at The Mart Farmshop)






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